Misfits & Dentures

Brainy Lainey  felt, fabric, paper, love
This time of year usually gets a bad rap. People spend more time indoors, there are less hours of sunlight, and shopping becomes more of a hassle as the holidays grow closer. I however, love this time of year for one reason – the One of a Kind Show makes its biannual visit to Toronto. Now despite grumblings among some that the show has become too exclusive and less about the independent artist, I still think that it brings a little crafty to the masses. I for one, always manage to find something that is truly one of kind.

This year was no exception.

With my route map in hand and my purse string loosened I hit the ground running and was more than pleased to brake at booth V-20 when I spotted the misfits and their creators Cayla and Rayelle Hache. The misfits are handmade felt dolls that embody an embarrassing insecurity which most of us would do anything to hide. What Cayla and Rayelle do instead is highlight these insecurities as positive personal traits and the result is charming and creative all at the same time. I myself purchased Brainy Lainey who came with his own pair of trusty specs, a little book reminiscent of a certain series I used to love as a child (nostalgia points!), and a pin with the phrase “I like me, do you?”. Other misfits that I would suspect to be hugely popular this season are Mustache Mac, Courageless Carson, and my other personal fave – Frances Funbags. Although all thirty of the characters are great, I still think that Cayla and Rayelle need to create a misfit for us creative outcasts – perhaps an Artsy Annie is in the making?

Tooth Pins  polymer clay

My next must-stop booth of the day was Denture Thief at C-12. Here I discovered so many gorgeous goodies that I must admit it was hard to choose only one to take home. I ended up settling for a polymer clay tooth pin with a shiny sliver filling and freckles. The best part though – he glows in the dark! Can you say awesome sauce?

Denture Thief Fibre Art
Denture Thief owner Amanda Ho doesn’t stop at clay sculptures though. Her embroidery and felt pieces are a sight to be seen and purchased. My favourite was a small black bat with a tiny, handcut heart – a feature in many of Amanda’s designs. The great thing about them all is that you can feel the passion and heartfelt honesty in each one. Denture Thief will steal more than your teeth if you know what I mean (okay it was a bad pun, I know).

At the end of the day I am sad it’s all over, but I feel rejuvenated. The best part about the One of a Kind Show is not the great stuff I bought, but how it makes me feel hopeful about the future of the arts and crafts. The only thing that is disappointing is that I have to wait another 6 months to go again.

The One of a Kind show is on till December 4 at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto.


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