A Pretty Holiday

image by armene via love is all you need
Pretty Things will be taking a brief break over the holidays. We will return in the new year with more delightful eye candy, but until then we wish you a safe and festive season. Hopefully you get your hands on some very pretty things (if you do then please share with us).

L. and J.


It’s All About the New Girl

I have had a huge girl crush on Zooey Deschanel for years now. I admit it. I’ve fallen for her cute smile, her quirky attitude, and of course her amazing sense of style. So when her presence began gracing the small screen on FOX’s New Girl, I couldn’t help but tune in just to see what her character Jess would be wearing.


Good Will Hunting

Glass Pitcher, $4.00
Decorating your own space is a chance to display your personality and your treasures, while creating a comfortable oasis from the outside world. While there is nothing better than shopping for décor items, it can be quite taxing on your bank account. Lately, to feed my desire for items around the home, and still keep my paycheque intact, I have been shopping at second hand shops, particularly the Good Will.


Misfits & Dentures

Brainy Lainey  felt, fabric, paper, love
This time of year usually gets a bad rap. People spend more time indoors, there are less hours of sunlight, and shopping becomes more of a hassle as the holidays grow closer. I however, love this time of year for one reason – the One of a Kind Show makes its biannual visit to Toronto. Now despite grumblings among some that the show has become too exclusive and less about the independent artist, I still think that it brings a little crafty to the masses. I for one, always manage to find something that is truly one of kind.

This year was no exception.