Good Will Hunting

Glass Pitcher, $4.00
Decorating your own space is a chance to display your personality and your treasures, while creating a comfortable oasis from the outside world. While there is nothing better than shopping for décor items, it can be quite taxing on your bank account. Lately, to feed my desire for items around the home, and still keep my paycheque intact, I have been shopping at second hand shops, particularly the Good Will.
There are a number of reasons for my growing fondness of used items:
  1. You can save so much money! A few objects have your bill ringing in under $10. You get your fix and still get to keep your cash.
  2. The hunt. I admit, you must be in the mood to look through some junk to find the treasure, but it is always worth it in the end. I quite enjoy that feel-good moment when you know you have found something truly special.
  3.  It’s good for the earth. Reusing things that could otherwise end up at the landfill is a great way to rack up points with Captain Planet.
  4. Lastly, if you shop at Good Will all proceeds from the stores go directly toward their mission: creating job opportunities for those who face difficulties in the community.
Birds, $3.00 each
Vintage Print, $2.00

To learn more about how Good Will makes a difference in your community or to find a store near you go to www.goodwill.on.ca.


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