Fight, Flight, Swoon

House  bronze, antique cloche, fabric, and ephemeral
The moment I saw Erin Vincent’s House, I knew it was love, and perhaps a bit of lust. Vincent’s most recent exhibition, Fight or Flight tells the story of stress related to domestic relationships. The multiple layers of emotion woven through her works fascinated me. My anxiously awaited visit to 99 Gallery to view the show definitely did not disappoint.

I could not get over the tedious planning and construction of the pieces. The mediums appeared carefully selected for not only their aesthetic, but also their historical and psychological significance. The constant dichotomy present in the materials demonstrated the conflict of emotions one feels in times of stress. Cast bronze, fabric, vintage maps, and wire are just a few of the materials used by Vincent to form themes such as strong vs. soft and lasting vs. transitory.

Airplanes  vintage maps, nautical charts, and wire
Along the back wall of the gallery was a flock of tiny paper planes made mostly of maps. There are numerous visions that one can imagine from this installation. I not only saw a dandelion’s wisps blowing through a park, but also a swarm of bees chasing their unfortunate target.  Again, conflicting images and feelings are present. I also couldn’t help thinking that as airy and free as these planes appeared, they were still attached to the wall. The idea of freedom presented was only a delusion to the spectator.

Smalls  mixed media sculptures
The series titled Smalls was possibly my favourite. The collection featured approximately 25 tiny items, each one fitting in the palm of your hand. Smalls felt the most personal to me, as each piece was so intricate - demanding up close attention. It also seemed to showcase a small fragment of the artist herself and stood out as the quirkiest section of the show.

After viewing Vincent’s work, I truly believe she has found a special niche for herself within sculpture. Fight or Flight forced me to dig deep while proving pretty things are not always so simple.
Cloche: protective covering
Ephemera/Ephemeral: temporary, not intended to last


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  1. Wow beautiful sculptures... I love the paper airplanes