Ruby Tuesday

Paul & Joe Full Coverage Lipstick in Rouge

It took me a long time to write this post. Every time I tried to put fingers to keys, I ended up sounding like a complete moron. Maybe it's because I am so in love with and have a long, personal relationship with this brand that it makes it almost impossible to do it justice. You see, Paul & Joe has come in and out of my life at some pretty key moments and this red lipstick is currently helping me through a big transition. It may seem silly to attribute a beauty product to helping you through something, but if that's what it does, why fight it? Paul & Joe will make you feel like a 30s ingenue. It will inspire you with it's luxe, feminine packaging. And it will comfort you like a warm cup of tea. But all you really need to know, is that Paul & Joe is a pretty thing indeed.


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