What's Cooking Good Looking?

Summer has gotten me in the mood to cook more often. Maybe it's the appeal of the grill or the excitement of my own vegetable garden. Either way, I have been trolling foodie sties like no tomorrow. Besides the always wonderful Martha Stewart (what can I say, I love her and her millions and millions of brand identities), I also have a few other go-to recipe sites. I'm a sucker for anything that is prettily designed with gorgeous photography, so naturally Roost is on my list. Roost was started by Alabama food stylist, Caitlin and most of the recipes on her site cater to those of us with food allergies. Previously, I featured their sorbet on our Ruby Tuesday weekly and it was divine. More recently, I made these Vanilla Bean Cups, which were too delicious for my own good (I had to give some away so I wouldn't keep snacking on them). Not only that, but they look like expensive artisan chocolate that you'd pay a fortune for and probably not enjoy as much. Next up, I think I'm going to give this Herbed Flatbread with Prosciutto a whirl.

Another site that I frequently check for recipe goodness is Spoon Fork Bacon. Originally, I just liked it because it uses bacon in the title and the site is simple yet beautiful. I assumed most of the recipes would have bacon in them and they do, but even the recipes without bacon turn out delicious (trust me). I made this Maple Glazed Acorn Squash the other night and it was a hit with my mum. I think I'll try these chips as soon as I can find some lotus root around here.

So there you have it. I hope you find some inspiring recipes here or at least some pretty pictures. Now I'm off to cook some of these.


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