You're Invited

What better way to follow Laura's love stamp, than with wedding invitations! One of my best friends recently got engaged, so I have been thinking a lot about unique wedding ideas, specifically invitations. Invitations are the first glimpse you give your guests of the big day to come, making them pretty important. There should be a certain mood that you suggest through this first impression. Just this week, while wandering through Pinterest (pretty much my only extracurricular activity for the past month), I found these amazing wedding invitation coasters by Ross Clodfelter featured on Design Work Life. The text and design are elegant and dainty, yet the cardboard coasters add a relaxed feel to the whole thing. Pretty + fun = perfection.

I also stumbled upon these equally cute Save the Date coasters done by Vermilion Star Press. Simple and direct, but just as charming. I can definitely see this turning into an interesting DIY project for those on a budget. Simply purchase blank cardboard coasters and a customized stamp, and stamp your little heart out.


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