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I have an addiction. It's true. I love magazines. The pictures, the content, the layout. It's probably why I dedicate so much of my own time to voluntarily working for one and why I dedicate so much of my own time reading them.

image courtesy of the workroom
Over the years, I have become a fan of a few magazines, one of them being the Canadian grown Uppercase. Dubbed as a journal for the creative and curious it seems like the perfect match for me. Uppercase features everything I love from illustration to crafty how-tos all in a hefty, perfect-bound package. It is a magazine for any artsy gal or guy who can't rein in their interests and need a dose of everything.

I've also recently become a fan of Fricote magazine. The first time I saw the cover of Issue 2, I think I literally gasped. Gorgeous, delicate, and risky all at the same time, Fricote should be the only foodie magazine you buy. It is also the only near perfect execution of a dual language layout I've seen in ages (it is printed with English and French side-by-side).

Having previously worked in a bookstore, I have come to realize that print is not entirely dead. Whatever you fancy, there is a magazine out there for you. And if you fancy a little bit of everything like me, then there are probably too many magazines out there for you.


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