Glass Houses

image courtesy of Slug and Squirrel
When my mom was my age, terrariums were a pretty big fad and it seems things have come full circle again. Everywhere I look I am seeing unique and stylish interpretations of the terrarium. What is it about these little gems that seem to have people so enraptured? I for one think it might be the fact that within each tiny glass case is another world that you can escape to; an untold story that is different for every reader. Also, part of the appeal might be the ease of care. I've murdered many plants in my time and terrariums pretty much look after themselves.

Score and Solder  Quartz No. 3
Score and Solder, a BC company, makes gorgeous quartz and diamond shaped terrariums that I’ve been dying to get my hands on. The problem is I can’t decide! In the meantime, I think that making my own terrarium might be the way to go. A simple Google search revealed thousands of DIY tutorials. My favourite one so far is this recycled fixture tutorial from Design Sponge. However, I might start off smaller with a simple mason jar terrarium…and if that one lives, then I’ll move on to bigger and better things.


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