For the Love of WORN

Excuse me for a moment. I’m about to do a little shameless self-promotion. You see, when I am not admiring pretty things, I am working for one. For almost a year now, I have been a graphic designer at WORN Fashion Journal, an independent fashion magazine in Toronto. And well, I not only think it is pretty, but I also think it is wonderful.

Before becoming a Wornette, I admired the magazine greatly for its diversity and intelligence. And I still do. The articles are unlike that of a typical glossy. Subjects range from quirky mannequins to stewardess clothing and each and every cover is different than the one before, something very untypical in the world of publishing.

WORN also presents itself in a very unique manner. Where most magazines follow a strict, unifying design that generally remains the same from issue to issue, WORN does not. Although static in some respects, every page of WORN is different from the previous one. Whether it is through the use of colour, illustration, or imagery, the opportunity for freedom of design allows the designers themselves to have a voice that is seen within the pages. This is something that very few designers have the opportunity to do and this is also the reason why I wanted to be a Wornette so badly. 

Since joining WORN, not much has changed. The only difference is that now I know the amount of work and care it takes to make WORN what it is. I have become very proud of the magazine, almost in the same way a parent would be of their child winning first place in the spelling bee.

Recently, we launched issue 13, and I think myself and the rest of the design team have really outdone ourselves. From the stunning photography to the beautiful illustrations, everything comes together to create a genuine work of art. That is what makes WORN so special. It is not just a magazine, it is a keepsake meant to be admired forever.


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